5 great things about long-distance friendships


So many of us have best friends that live abroad, and it can be really hard when that one person who you always talk to isn’t even in the same country as you.

But it’s not all bad! Here are some positive things about having your bestie in another country:

1. Surprise presents
It’s always nice to get a package from somewhere else that has lovely bits and pieces you aren’t used to seeing. Likewise for your friends it’s lovely to get a care package from home with lots of Cadbury’s, packets of Meanies and some Penney’s underwear!

2. Pen-pals
Use your friend living abroad as an excuse to dust off those letter-writing skills. By the time it gets to her you’ll have probably told her everything over Skype anyway but they’ll always make great memories for years to come.

3. Exciting dates
You can be guaranteed serious fun and grand plans when you do actually meet your friend, having been apart for so long. You’d never bother to go for dinner or hit up that posh club if she lived down the road now would you!

4. Free accommodation
Visiting your friend will be easy because all you’ll need is flight money – that’s practically a free holiday!

5. Appreciation
You’ll have a new found appreciation for your BFF when/if you do eventually get to live in the same continent.