4 social interactions you’re probably doing wrong


Commenting on people’s food:
Someone gets something that’s fattening, someone only eats a tiny portion of dinner or they order something that looks/smells a little disgusting and you have to give your opinion. It might be a natural reaction you don’t think about, but giving people crap about what they eat just makes them feel self-conscious and like they’re being judged and failing to measure up.

Small talk at parties:
Most of us hate small talk. It can be incredibly dull interaction as we try to avoid opinionated subjects or even inquiring about that person’s life in case we offend them. Instead of making comments about the weather or talking about yourself, find interesting subjects you both like even if they’re controversial and ask lots of questions about the other person. They’ll follow your lead and before you know it, you’ll both be having a great time!

Restaurant etiquette:
The majority of people will either treat a waiter as their slave or will be so conscious of treating someone badly, you’ll do their job for them. Don’t be rude – you’re an important customer, but they have lots of tables to look after. If they’re being helpful, be polite and respectful and use your pleases and thank-yous. Similarly, remember they can do their job better than you can, so don’t try to help them clean up – that’s nearly more offensive than you clicking your fingers at them.

Being a good guest:
Staying at people’s houses can be awkward and nearly always results in some underlying issues between friends or family. Instead of guessing what you should be doing, just ask. Would they like you to pop dishes in the dishwasher or wet towels in the laundry basket? No problem! And your stay is resentment-free.