30 problems only 2014 girls will understand


Social media and technology have brought forth a whole other wave of problems for girls, leaving us wondering, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

1. “I was trying to creep on my ex’s new girlfriend on Facebook and I accidentally liked her picture from 2007.”

2. “I just took the cutest selfie, but now I can’t decide between Valencia or X-Pro II for the filter.”

3. “I didn’t get 11 likes on my Insta, so now I’m left with 10 measly names and I look like a friendless loser.”

4. “She just tweeted about hating annoying people and I know it was totally about me. SUBTWEET.”

5. “I only sent that ugly snapchat for five seconds, but my friends still managed to screenshot it.”

6. “I can’t use emojis because the person I’m texting doesn’t have an iPhone.”

7. “I need to charge my iPhone 5, but the only charger in sight is one for an iPhone 4.”

8. “I ordered a caramel macchiato, but there’s too much vanilla syrup so it’s far too sweet. And they spelled my name wrong on my cup.”

9. “I’m trying to watch a movie with my Macbook plugged into my 40″ TV, but I have to get out of bed to press play.”

10. “I decided I’d walk to college and I forgot my earphones.”

11. “I just finished the last episode of my show on Netflix, but the next season isn’t available yet.”

12. “I want to tag all of the girls in my tweet about going to the bar, but I can’t fit all of their Twitter handles in 140 characters.”

13. “I just WhatsApped my boyfriend and it says he read it, but he hasn’t responded.”

14. “I tried to Shazam a song at the club, but the app didn’t recognize it.”

15. “I just sat through all the ads on my show before I realised it was recorded on my TV.”

16. “I want to listen to a song on YouTube on my phone, but that means I can’t exit out and check Twitter without it stopping.”

17. “Amazon forgot my password… and so did I.”

18. “Siri couldn’t understand what I was asking her, so now I have to unlock my phone and Google it.”

19. “There isn’t enough memory on my phone, so I have to delete some of my apps and pictures.”

20. “I took my phone case off of my phone… and then dropped it in the toilet.”

21. “I just tweeted ‘Food, Get in Mah Belly’ and forgot to attach a pic.”

22. “I can’t decide which pair of Uggs to wear today.”

23. “My Macbook, iPad and phone need to be charged, but there’s only one free outlet.”

24. “I keeping coming across my brother and cousins on Tinder.”

25. “Instagram is down, so now I’m gonna have to explain my salad to my friends.”

26. “I can’t decide where to go for my hangover meal.”

27. “I ordered my Nandos eight minutes ago and it’s still not here. Aren’t they supposed to be really fast?”

28. “There are too many people on this Wi-Fi so my Facebook updates are taking forever to load.”

29. “I shattered my phone screen, so now my front camera can’t take selfies.”

30. “My lock button on my phone broke, so now I can’t take screenshots.”


via our content partner CT