22 signs you’ve found yourself a great boyfriend


You’re in a relationship with a guy you like – congrats! You are enjoying your time together and now you have to decide whether this guy is for the long haul. Whether you’re certain he’s your soul mate or you’re just not sure yet, here are 22 signs your boyfriend is a keeper.

1. He makes you laugh
Even if he isn’t funny to the public, he has you in hysterics. He is always making you laugh and you just cannot get enough.


2. He has sympathy for you when you’re sick
When you are sick he actually cares and has a lot of sympathy for you. He is genuinely concerned and now you know he is a keeper.


3. He is reliable
He never lets you down and he never cancels plans. You always know you can rely on him.


4. He is consistent
He treats you well consistently. He doesn’t blow hot and cold. He doesn’t treat you badly and then make up for it with an elaborate gesture. He is always nice.


5. You are always excited to see him and vice versa
Even if you saw each other the night before, you still look forward to seeing him and you hope he does too.


6. He encourages you to go for your goals
He encourages you to apply for a job or enter a competition. He knows your dreams and future plans and fully stand by you.


7. He sometimes ditches the guys for you but not all the time
He ditches the guys for you sometimes. You don’t want him to do this all the time though, as he should spend time with his friends. There has to be a balance.


8. He doesn’t hide his problems from you
If there is something bothering him he will tell you. He won’t keep it bottled up inside until it becomes a bigger problem. He feels he can share things with you.


9. You can depend on him not to break plans
If you have planned something for ages, like a Valentine’s Day, birthday or holiday, he isn’t going to cancel on you last minute. And, do you know why? Because he is a great boyfriend.


10. He is your best friend
You are, before anything, great friends and that is why you get on so well. This is why you think it is just so perfect.


11. He loves his family
He gets on well with his family and you like what you see. This is a man with future promise.


12. His family like you
You get on well with his siblings and his mother just adores you. This makes you happy and you feel you have accomplished something.

13. He’s honest
He has his own opinions and he is honest with you. He keeps you on your toes and he doesn’t let you walk all over him.


14. He’s always sees your side of an argument
If you get in a fight with your parents or your friends, he always is on your side no matter what. Even if it is blatantly obvious you’re in the wrong, he makes you feel like you’re not crazy for being angry.


15. You are always his plus one
No matter where he may be going – the cinema, a family gathering, a wedding – you are always his plus one. He wants to show you off.


16. He surprises you
It doesn’t have to be all the time but even something as small as a surprise bar of chocolate will make you love your man more.  A bigger surprise may make you faint.


17. He would never bore you
There is always some intellectually stimulating conversation going on. You are never bored together and you just love that.


18. He gives you space and you give him his
You don’t overcrowd each other or get mad when the other hasn’t replied to your text after 2 minutes. It is a laid back yet fun but serious relationship.


19. He loves your family
He gets on with your family like you get on with his. Your parents love him and this makes you like him more.


20. He tells you that you are beautiful
He is always telling you that you look great. This gives you a well needed confidence boost and you love him for it.


21. He is passionate about a hobby or his job
He is passionate about a hobby of his and he knows where he wants to be in 10 years. This is the ‘can do’ attitude that you look for in a man.


 22. He challenges you
You talk a lot of crap sometimes and he knows when to let you ramble and when to call you up on your waffle.

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