21 productive things you should do when you’re bored

It can be hard to find the motivation you need to be productive at this time of year. Spring is near but simultaneously still feels so far away, which means we're stuck in this awkward time of not knowing what to do. 

To help you be productive and fall into a new routine, we've made a list of productive things to do when you're bored, unmotivated, or all of the above.

Clean your space

Clearing away your clutter will make your feel more productive and everything will be a little neater by the end. Pick a room and go for it while blasting a good playlist to get you in the mood!

Clear out your phone

We always end up with Whatsapp pictures and duplicates of photos and screenshots we no longer need – save some memory in your phone by clearing out the useless stuff!

Do some yoga

Pick something for centring, energy and focus – it could get you out of your bored or unproductive slump!

Full body side view of active determined barefoot female in sportswear practicing Utthita Cakravakasana posture on mat during yoga training

Meal plan

Save yourself some time and money later on in the week by making a meal plan now – make your shopping list right after so you don’t pick up anything you don’t need.


Try baking something that you can have to snack on later! Classic scones or cupcakes, or maybe something more adventurous like a lemon tart or meringue!

Listen to a podcast

Find something that interests you – anything – and there’ll be a podcast out there talking about it. The more niche the better!

Clear out your closet

Again, this can help you get into a more productive mindset that will set you onto an active day with lots achieved. Take your time to go through it all to see what you have and haven’t used.

Back up your files

We never think to do it until it’s too late! Use this free time well and save yourself a lot of annoyance later on.

Call old friends and catch up

We say we never have time, but maybe we just never think of it when we do! Pick up the phone and call or even send a voice note – they’ll appreciate you thinking of them!

Young female student making video call via black cellphone in park

Read a book

We have a whole bookshelf there just staring at us – get well-read in your spare time and get gripped by a really good story.

Do a meditation

A little calm and focus can help you get back in touch with yourself – and selfcare is never a waste of time.

Go to the gym

Get some exercise! There’s no better way to get out of a slump and change your mindset than to get your body moving and feeling good!

Write down your goals

There’s nothing quite as motivating as seeing your goals all written down on paper! If you really want to motivate yourself, break your goals down into small achievable steps and try to complete one or two by the end of the day!

Explore somewhere new

Our brains crave variety and new things, so go somewhere totally new to stimulate it! That beach you’ve always heard of but have never visited, or that cute village your friend visited.

Try a new recipe

It never hurts to expand your cooking repertoire! Look up something you can serve the next time you have people over, or something that you can make as a treat for yourself.

Person Holding Sliced Vegetable


Write down your thoughts and see what comes out of your stream of conscious or else look up a journal prompt and see what catches your eye.

Have a pamper day

Treat yourself! Take a day for you and sort out your skincare, have a nice long bubble bath or even just do a quick facemask – do whatever you find most relaxing.

Do some arts and crafts

Getting creative can be a great way to shake off boredom. Try one of those paint-along videos or go big and try DIY something for your home.

Make a fun playlist

Pick a theme – dance party, motivational tunes, whatever catches your fancy and make a playlist of all your faves to dance around the kitchen to!

Photography of Woman Listening to Music

Go thrifting

Feel like shopping but don’t want to blow the bank? Thrifting is great for finding lots of little treasures without blowing your whole paycheck!

Make a to-do list

Like the list of goals, when you actually sit down and write your to-do list, you realise why you’ve no reason to be bored! There’s nothing more motivating than that!