20 years on… and Louis from the movie Jack is one serious HOTTIE


Remember the movie that told the story of a 10-year-old boy named Jack who, due to a medical disorder, aged four times as quick as his peers?

Starring Robin Williams, Jack was – like the vast majority of Robin's movies – a feel-good tearjerker which had us pressing rewind time and time again.

And while we were definitely rooting for Jack the whole way through, we'd be lying if we said our primary school selves weren't somewhat intrigued by his classmate Louis.

Every now and again, we wonder what ever became of the actor who played good ol' Louis, and thanks to the wonder of social media we now know and can confirm that Adam Zolotin is – in anyone's language – an absolute ride.

According to Cosmopolitan, while he didn't exactly set Hollywood alight, Adam, now 32, did manage to eke out somewhat of a career in acting, but mostly he focused on becoming a total hottie.

You, ladies, are very welcome.