1D star receives death threats after posting this tweet!


One Direction singer, Zayn Malik, has received death threats after posting the “#FreePalestine” hashtag on his Twitter page.

Zayn’s tweet was in reference to the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, between Palestine and Israel.

The message which has been retweeted over 140,000 times has also sparked outrage among some Twitter users.

Shortly after Malik sent the message, users soon replied with abusive tweets directed at the singer, urging the signer “to kill himself” to “Let Me Kill you”.

But despite the death threats, Zayn has not taken down the tweet 13 hours after posting it, but hasn’t commented on the matter either.

This isn’t the first time a singer has gotten involved in sharing their opinions on the Middle Eastern conflict. Two weeks ago RiRi tweeted the same hashtag “by accident” but soon took it down, blaming a social media glitch for the incident.