15 essential beauty items


Imagine you could start afresh with your entire make-up collection! Imagine the amount of products and items you would walk past in the shop – saving you a hell of a lot of mula.

Here are 15 products and items you need to have, the rest is just clogging up space!

  1. Moisturiser – preferably with an SPF
  2. Primer – to help give a smooth base
  3. Dry shampoo – yes, there are days when washing our hair seems like a hell of a lot of effort…
  4. Eyelash curler – for some umph!
  5. Concealer – for the days when too little sleep has left you looking little to be desired.
  6. Perfume – we all need a signature perfume
  7. Anti-aging products – it’s never too early to start
  8. Basic cosmetics – foundation, mascara, blusher, eyeshadow, bronzer, lip gloss
  9. Eye cream – they give away your true age – eek!
  10. Cleanser and toner – never go to bed with make-up on
  11. Sunscreen – seriously, how many time do we need to say this!
  12. Hair straightener that straightens and curls!
  13. Good quality hair brush – your hair deserves it
  14. Good quality make-up brushes – yes, they can be pricey but they are so worth it!
  15. Fake tan – the sun is about to come out, we hope…