14 signs your ex is still not over you

During a break up and after it, a lot of our focus tends to be on us.

There are reasons we are trying to get away from our other half and in doing so we can’t feel sorry for them. Or maybe its the other way around, maybe we are the ones who were left gutted when they dropped the bomb on us.

Anyway, there is a time when you WILL get over it, but have they? Here are the signs THEY are not over YOU.

1. They wear mostly clothes associated with your time together


2. They drop you a text every now and again asking about that place you went once…


3. They begin to frequent the places you both used to go more regularly.


4. They get too drunk when you bump into them on a night out and either go a) all soppy and declare their love or b) full on psycho-ex stalker and get kicked out of the club.


5. They happen to bump into you in an “oh I was just passing” way in a part of town they have no business being in other than the fact that they know you work there.


6. They have a new partner…who looks exactly like you.


7. They have changed sexuality and their new opposite sex of you partner…looks exactly like you.


8. They still have a photo of the two of you as their screen saver on their phone.


9. Tears. There are always tears when you meet them.


10. They text you to ask what was your special song was….you didn’t have one…and they know that.


11. Your friends tell you they bumped into them in town, and all they asked about was you….


12. They are full on stalking you.


13. They have become a lot more friendly with your family than you would like…even though they only met them once.


14. The “like” everything you put up on Facebook, including photos you posted three years ago, and not even accidentally. They full on want you to know they are cyber stalking you.


via our content partners, CT