13 signs your new guy is a keeper


1. He actually wants you to drink with his friends.


No, not like: “Hey, we’ll be in Coppers around 2 a.m. — you should stop by.” Instead, he talks about how he knows you’ll get along with his college best friend and picks a day for you all to go to drinks and get to know each other.

2. He actually listens to you.


You love a chinese on a Sunday. He digs this and has Charlies on speed dial.

3. He sends you links to stuff he thinks you will like. 


Numerous articles pop into your inbox or show up on your Facebook page.

4. You actually want to introduce him to your parents


You usually try to be careful about how much you reveal because you want to see how it goes first (so many losers), but you feel too excited about this one to keep it to yourself.

5. Your profile pics include eachother


Facebook says it’s official.

6. He’s genuinely interested in your course/job and what you want to do.


When you have finals or a presentation for work, he’s on hand with a bar of Galaxy.

7. He’s seen you crying and sick more times than you can remember. 


You feel comfortable telling him about something that upset you and letting the tears flow. You’ve also puked in front of him or within earshot at least once.

8. You hear from him regularly. 


He checks in on you and he doesn’t just disappear. You’re not keeping tabs on each other, but you both have a good idea of what you’re both up to.

9. He calls you regularly.

looking at phone

Not just a random Facebook chat here and there. An actual phone call.

10. He tells you he can’t wait to see you.


He texts you on Wednesday just to say he’s looking forward to your date on Friday. He uses an emoji, even though he doesn’t usually, because he knows it will make you smile.

11. You can’t stop telling your friends about how nice he is.

target britney spears happy

You’ve been on so many crazy dates that you know how rare this is.

12. Thinking about being alone with him gets you through a chaotic day.

happy drunk

Sometimes your mind just drifts to him in the middle of a lecture or a report for work and you zone out until someone snaps you back to reality.

13. He makes sure to see you one or two nights every week.


And you see each other at least on Friday or Saturday each week, so you can stay up late and sleep in together free of mid-week stress.

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