12 alternative ways to decorate your pumpkins this Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching, just three short weeks away, which means if you haven’t decked your house out with all kinds of spooky decorations, then now’s the time. 

Pumpkins are a festive favourite around this time of year. However, we must admit, they do get a little bit boring. 

Why not switch things up a bit, and opt for one these unique and alternative ways to pimp out your pumpkins?

  1. Frida Kahloween

Simple, effective, and absolutely beautiful!

Credit: instagram.com/fridakahlomagazine
  1. Pumpkin bowl of flowers

Such a feminine yet festive look for those who love Autumn but despise the spook factor.

Credit: instagram.com/designbylinely
  1. It’s Chanel

Impress your mates this spooky season, by stepping out in the new Chanel bag, courtesy of pumpkin patches everywhere.

Credit: instagram.com/planet.kelsey
  1. Day of the Dead

We’re in love with these pumpkins inspired by the end-game couple from Pixar’s musical movie, Coco.

Credit: instagram.com/soldbymanny
  1.  Pumpkin bowl of deliciousness

Feel like getting creative in the kitchen? This mini pumpkin is filled with a spiced apple and pumpkin crumble, topped with rose marshmallow and sprinkled with dried rose petals and glitter.

Credit: instagram.com/dancingpotsandpans
  1. A healthy head-piece

Well that’s one way to use up your leftover greens…

Credit: instagram.com/sanaacooks27
  1. Baby Basket

Listen, it just has to be done. It would be a crime to miss this golden photo opportunity that only comes around once a year.

Credit: instagram.com/saraboo
  1. Boogie Man

Ah yes, just what we need to reignite our childhood nightmares.

Credit: instagram.com/onnoubliepasdoudou
  1. Work of art

Carving is so last year. Now we only paint on our seasonal vegetables.

Credit: instagram.com/timburtonstory
  1. Peppa Pumpkin

This one is bound to be a hit among the littles.

Credit: instagram.com/sammyjayb1991
  1. All the doggos

A cute homage to your best pal — which they’ll undoubtedly be oblivious to.

Credit: instagram.com/itss_sammiamm
  1. Pumping Pumpkin

Last but not least, our personal favourite. This one puts the ‘pump’ in pumpkins.

Credit: instagram.com/samschacher