10 years married: Matt Damon admits marriage is insane


Although his best friend is going through a rather tough divorce, Matt Damon is quickly approaching his 10th wedding anniversary.  

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Matt speaks about his best pal Ben Affleck, saying that although he wasn't with his to celebrate his 43rd birthday, the actor is doing well. 

"I think he was actually in Atlanta with his family. So we missed each other but…he’s good. He’s good."

Matt also speaks about marriage as gears up to celebrate his wedding anniversary, although he does admit that "Marriage is insane!"

He has been married to Luciana for ten years this December and he says that "It's a crazy idea but I love being married to my wife."

He does however realise how things to work out for some married couples and says he would never even being to offer any advice to someone else about their relationship. 

The only secret to staying together for over a decade that he was willing to share was that the secret is so feel lucky. "I'm lucky I found my wife. And I guess maybe, if there's any secret… It's to feel lucky." 

"So much of it is out of your hands," Damon said. "I mean, I just had that conversation with my father this weekend. He says the same thing to me. Says it's God's grace, is what he said. Because you just don't get lucky."

The actor is currently filming Martian, a movie which follows an astronaut who was left behind on a mission to mars which is set to be released in October of this year.

This role, like many of his previous movies, requires him to stay in serious physical shape and during the interview he was asked about how he stays healthy. He also has the fifth instalment of the Bourne franchise which means that he may not have time for a beer and a burger any time soon. 

"I always look for an excuse to hang out and have a beer and a burger," he joked. "But no, right now, I have to be in shape, just until February, and then I'm going off the rails."