8 times Ed Sheeran proved he’s the perfect man


Ed Sheeran is hands down the sweetheart of the music world.

From always being there for us as we cry into cake after a break-up, to proving how badass he is a rapping, Ed is the (perfect) man. Ellie, you fool.

To celebrate his birthday, we had a look at eight times Ed showed us his amazingness.

1. When he put Oasis’ Noel back in his place (i.e. the ‘90s)

2. When he stole Elton John's glasses. ELTON. JOHN. 

3. When he made this admission…

4. When he learned to ballroom dance and it was simply beautiful

5. When he made this, frankly, powerful observation

6. When he even managed to bring out the good in Justin Bieber

7. When he, Taylor and their video mini-mes were the cutest thing we had EVER seen

8. When he duetted with Beyoncé and it was the best thing we had ever seen. Sorry Taylor.