10 things we worry about but really shouldn’t


There are a lot of things we tend to worry about – and a lot of them have to do with the way we present ourselves to the world. 

It's easy to freak out when your supposed best friend posts that photo of you with the triple chin, but maybe it's time to let go a little and not sweat the small stuff so much. 

Here are the 10 things we freak out about most (and shouldn't)

1. Texts we send

Oh no, what if they take that up wrong?! That's not how it was meant to sound – oh God oh God. It's gone now – no point in worrying, it's probably grrrand anyway!

2. Texts we receive

What does he mean by that?!

3. ‘…’

Silence can be deafening but often we assume a person isn't responding to our contact for some ridiculous reason when in reality they're probably out of battery. 

4. Saying no

Whether it's to a guy or just something you don't feel like doing – don't feel guilty or worry about standing your ground! Peer pressure doesn't disappear after the teenage years unfortunately!

5. Compliments

Women are not good at accepting compliments. Be gracious and move on. And no, it wasn't backhanded!

6. What we order

Whether you really want the chips and order the salad or really want the salad but order the chips, remember that nobody is noticing what you eat except for YOU – so let it go and have whatever YOU want. 

7. Hair removal

If he is turned off by the fact you forgot to shave your legs then it says a lot more about him than it does you doesn't it? 

8. Sexual enjoyment

Sexual freedom is here and you may do whatever you please – go forth and be happy. 

9. Someone else’s sarcastic comment or laughter

Sometimes people who work together or live together have very different senses of humour. One person makes a comment jokingly and the other can take that comment to mean that they are disliked by the other. All because they took the joke too seriously. Don’t always assume that people are constantly trying to bring you down. People probably aren’t talking about you and laughing at you behind your back. 

10. Social media ‘likes’

Online jealousy is the most pointless thing in the world. You have your friends in the real world and you know they love you – so why care about what anybody else thinks? See, it makes no sense!

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