10 of the most awkward situations we find ourselves in


Life can be hard for those of us who can be somewhat awkward in certain social situations – especially the following ones!

1. Mistaking Somebody for Someone Else

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You think you're talking to your friend beside you in the veg aisle about not being able to find a decent avocado in October, until you realise it's actually an old man standing beside you and he asks you what an avocado is. FML.  

2. Small Talk

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Your friend promises you'll know LOADS of people at the dinner party – until you arrive, realise this was a lie and spend the whole night talking to Mrs. Perky Pants. 

3. Trying to Be Courteous

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It's not that you're rude – quite the opposite in fact. You see a person coming down the hall and you want to keep the door open for them – but how far away is too far? 

5. Trying to Be Witty

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A lead balloon never looked so sad…

7. Comforting People

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You see a girl crying and you know it would be nice to go and ask her if she is okay…but what if it's all a ploy to grab your bag and run away? Oh God, what to do…

8. Complaining

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The. Actual. Worst. You contemplate just eating the hair in your salad. 

9. Third-Wheeling

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Seriously, you guys?

10. Untimely Laughter

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At your great-grandaunt's funeral…while doing your prayer of the faithful. Noooo!

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