10 of the most awkward conversations life throws at us


Life can be an awkward thing to handle sometimes. From dreaded sex conversations to housemate trouble – it can all just be so damn AWKWARD! Here are some of life's most challenging conversations to have: 

1. The “no mom, I don’t need a sex-talk…anymore” convo
​Bit late there, ma. 

2. The “those aren’t my condoms, cigarettes or naggin of vodka” convo
​Ah, to be sixteen again…

3. The “do you have an, eh… condom” convo
​Because if not, this ain't happening!

4. The “can you please stop having such loud, horrible sex right above me” convo
​Housemates are the worst

5. The “did you eat all of my almond butter?” convo
​That shi* costs like five euro. 

6. The “I think we need to talk” convo
​It's not me, it's you. You wreck my head. 

7. The “erm…I’m not sure I can have three bridemaids” convo
​Oh gawwwd…

8. The “I’m seeing your ex” convo
​Even though they only shifted twice. 

9. The “we’re moving in together, no we’re not getting married” convo
​That escalated quickly.

10. The “you might want to make a list of anyone who’ve slept with in the last twelve months” convo​
After the anger subsides you realise you have some awkward moments ahead.