10 must-have barbecue essentials


Barbecues are the symbol of summer. Having one means a) It’s sunny outside or b) It’s the summer and you don’t care whether it’s hot or cold out there, you are having a party.

Here are 10 essentials you need before you even start:

Meat markers
After a few drinks all meat starts to look and taste the same.

Plastic red cups
Just to get the American vibe started.

Paper plates
Eating off a ceramic plate just ruins the whole BBQ flavour… seriously!

For flipping that meat.

Chef hat and apron
Just in case anyone forgets who is cooking dinner.

Funky straws
Just because.

If you can get one of these your BBQ can go on all night long.

Meat thermometer
You don’t want to get the blame for everyone going home with a dodgy stomach.

Bucket of ice
To keep the beer cold of course.

Kitchen towels
Because BBQs can get messy.