10 habits of a professional procrastinator


The professional procrastinator has the ability to see an interest in every single thing around them…except what they should be doing. Have you experienced any of these?

1. Sleeping.

You have a few days extra at home before you have to make the trek back to college, and everyone knows that no bed is as comfortable as your bed at home.

2. Binge watching netflix series

3. Obsessively painting nails a different colour…every hour

4. Trying out every single hairstyle on Lauren Conrad’s website

5. Shopping

6. Downloading new music

Illegally downloading tonnes of tracks to get your pre-drinks playlist ready for summer. Sure it doesn’t even take that long!

7. Dancing.

8. Playing an instrument.

Sure the parents will only be delighted that you’ve taken an interest in the violin after the years of lessons they forced you to take.

9. Trying out new make-up looks

10. Making millions of cups of tea

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