Yum! 10 cheap and healthy snacks to save you money on the go

We can hardly think of something more annoying than having to spend 3 euros for a bottle of water and 5 euros for a dry muffin or an energy ball in the airport. 

If you only do it once in a while, it's fine obviously, but for those who tend to stop in petrol stations or cafes on a daily basis, the bill can become outrageous at the end of the month.

Of course, fruits such as apples and bananas are a great option for snacks on the go as they are cheap, nutritious and easy to carry around, but sometimes, it's not enough to satisfy our sweet tooth… 

Because we know you prefer to spend your money on nice dinners out, makeup or trips with your friends, we have gathered some easy, tasty and healthy snack recipes you can make at home and keep in your bag for when you are feeling a bit peckish.

1. Apple pie energy bites

2. Mocha no-bake cookies

3. Three-ingredient no-bake peanut butter oat squares

4. Chocolate oatmeal cupcakes to-go

5. Almond butter granola bars

6. Hazelnut and goji oat bars

7. Blueberry banana muffins

8. Tropical white chocolate energy bars

9. Healthy raspberry lemon mini muffins

10. Key lime pie energy bites