10 awkward relationship ‘firsts’ we’ve all suffered through


We all know the standard relationship 'firsts'; the first date, the first 'sleepover', the first time you call him your boyfriend, but what about the the smaller 'firsts' which are a little less exciting and a lot more awkward?

Yeah, there's way more of them isn't there, girls?

If you've struggled through the majority of the following ten in our list, congratulations; you are now in, what society considers, 'a serious relationship'.

A seriously awkward relationship, more like.

1. The first time you said really over-dramatic things and then cried in front of him until your face melted off.

Can you please ignore the trail of snot leading into my mouth?

2. The first time you realise he really isn’t mad on the outfit you’ve chosen.

I'm dating an idiot.

3. The first time you discuss Christmas present budgets.

There should be no mathematical figure on your love for me, sir.

4. The first time you go to the bathroom and he’s not three rooms away.

Ehm, can you get under the bed, no UNDER it, and put some earphones in please?

5. The first time you see each other dance.

WHAT is that? No seriously, WHAT is that he’s doing?

6. The first time you put on a full face of make-up in front of him.

Ehm yeah, the first 17 products are the reason you asked me on date two, playa.

7. The first time you see how he behaves with his parents.

I sometimes forget you’re actually just a boy who has a mum who loves him and now I feel weird.

8. The first time you have a serious row.

These are ACTUALLY tears of anger, not sorrow, you insensitive, patronising moron.

9. The first time you get period on his bed sheets.

I think someone’s time of the month has arrived and it’s not…oh no wait…it IS mine. My bad.

10. The first time you realise you love him.

It's nothing, I’m just a slave to my emotions and his jawline.