Zac Efron is the latest victim of embarrassing email leak


If you thought that the worst of the Sony email hack was over, you are very much mistaken.

Indeed, just months after the company was left red-faced by leaked emails branding Angelina Jolie a ‘minimally talented spoiled brat’, a fresh crop has been uncovered.

This time around, it’s Zac Efron who is the target of the Sony executives’ harsh criticism, with his acting skills being brought into question.

An email sent from the company’s Creative Executive Adam North reads: “I think guys in my generation don’t really look to Zac Efron as a comedy star.”

Columbia Pictures’ Vice President of Programming Lauren Abrahams then chimed in, saying: “I think the script is lousy, and for its target audience is gonna [sic] seem like a mediocre rip-off of Bad Grandpa…Zac, I think, is at his best when he is the straight-ish guy tossed into funny, absurdist situations.”

Meanwhile, former co-chairwoman Amy Pascal – who resigned from her position over the shocking first wave of email leaks – said that she ‘couldn’t agree more’ with what her colleagues were saying.

Ouch. Are they for real, though? Zac was amazing in Neighbours!

This is not only hugely embarrassing for Sony, but it’s highly insulting to Zac. We wonder what he will have to say about all of this?