YUM or gross? McDonald’s is trying out a chicken and WAFFLE sambo

McDonald's has been changing a lot recently, with many new (and whacky) menu items being tried and tested.

But it's latest innovation is something people are either going to LOVE or hate – and we're totally undecided.

According to Business First, the fast food chain is trying out a chicken and waffle sandwich. It's called the Chicken McGriddle and comes with a crispy fried chicken burger sandwiched between two maple-infused pancakes.

But if you're loving this idea, don't get too excited. For the moment the fast food chain is only testing it out in 11 locations in America. 

If the new sambo is a success there, it's going to be tested further (yawn) and then it might make the menu.

So, will this be something you'd like to see on the menu? We might even test this one out at home!