Who knew KISSING under the mistletoe could be so expensive?!


You either love it, or think it's cheesy AF, but either way, mistletoes are everywhere at this time of the year.

Now, we've all had a kiss or two under one of them, but the age-old tradition could soon be a thing of the past.

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According to the Mirror, the first auctions for the crop went live this week and early indicators say that the price will soar.

The milder weather of last year had a knock on effect as the crop needs harsh, cold weather to grow, so high street prices will be well above the usual.

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Some retailers in the UK already have sprigs of mistletoe on sale, with a small bunch going for €10.

Now, it's not going to put us off having a little smooch just yet, but if the prices continue to rise we think we'll ditch the mistletoe for the Christmas tree… maybe.