You won’t believe just how powerful Dermablend is


So it’s time for Auntie Cathy’s wedding and Mammy is still going on about that tattoo on your wrist.

Save yourself an earache because Vichy have a solution. Simply pop some Dermablend Total Body Correction Foundation over your artwork and like magic, it will disappear.

The body foundation gives amazing coverage and a smooth finish and while it can hide any tattoos you need out of the way, it can also cover up any scars or stretch marks you may have too.

Rub, sweat & water resistant with SPF15, the body foundation provides 16 hour hold*, ensuring that you’ll have full coverage all day long. Dermablend also have a Corrective Compact cream foundation and Corrective Stick if you’re looking for flawless coverage from your make-up or have any marks you’d like to disguise.

The Dermablend mixture leaves your skin looking and feeling soft, giving you tonnes of confidence and a gorgeous glow.

Dermablend 16hour Total Body Corrective Foundation (RRP €29.95) is available in three shades, while Dermablend 12hr Corrective Compact cream foundation (RRP €24.95) and Dermablend 14hr Corrective Stick (RRP €16.95) are both available in five shades.

*Self-assessment. 50 subjects.