You will NOT believe what Ed has just said about Ariana


The question on a lot of people’s lips after the Victoria’s Secret show last week was – ‘what did Ariana Grande say to Ed Sheeran on stage?’ The pair appeared to be having a few words and Ed seemed somewhat bemused. 

Well, we finally have our answer, ladies and gentlemen, and it has not disappointed! And let's just say Ed's apparent bemusement is pretty understandable!

During an interview with Elvis Duran on iHeart Radio, Ed revealed that Ariana came and stood next to him and whispered: “I love big black balls.” Am…WHAT?!

Ed explained that there were giant inflatable balloons that were black in colour but said that he couldn’t help but laugh when she said it, explaining: “If she knows what that means then I love her and if she doesn’t know what that means then it's even better."

Hmm, we think Ariana was making an innocent comment – tut tut Ed!