You might want to rethink your next tea detox

There can be a few unwanted side effects that go along with taking the latest course of detox teas which promise you will lose weight quickly and fit into THAT dress by the weekend. 

There is a new brand of this tea almost every week and they are always being endorsed by a number of celebrities from Michelle Keegan to Kylie Jenner.  

These side effects include running to the bathroom several times a day because of it's laxative effect, nausea, abdominal pain and bloating. 

But it seems a new side-effect to these detox drinks have been discovered. This common high street product seems to have led to a number of unexpected pregnancies. 

These teas, of which you drink one in the morning and one at night, flush out the digestive system so help weight loss, but this has been found to stop the pill working properly as it isn't being absorbed into the blood stream properly. 

Several women have become pregnant unexpectedly as this is not a warning given on the packaging.