You can still apply to be on Love Island (and be BFFs with Marcel)

If you're watching Love Island and screaming at the screen that you're so much better suited to Alex than any of the other gals, then this could be your chance.

Applications are still open to take part in this year's show, but you need to be quick because the closing date is this Friday.

Getting a tad excited that you might be chilling with Camilla and the crew? Well, according to Cosmo, the application process is pretty full on.


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The website spoke to the show's producer, Lewis Evans, and it turns out it's not that easy to get on the show.

They not only pick contestants from their applications, but also search through social media to find the perfect person.

“We cast our net far and wide by looking at social media profiles as it’s always quite easy to gauge on there people who are popular, aren’t afraid to show themselves off and have a big following.


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“It’s all about having a great mix of desirable, aspirational singletons who have interesting and engaging personalities to keep our viewers glued and entertained by what’s going on in the villa,” Lewis explained.

So, if you think you're the queen of social media, and have a pretty outgoing personality, then there's no harm in applying to be on the show, right?

They want someone who "stands out from the crowd." Could that be you?

If so, you can apply to be on the series here.