You can now get postcards from Paddington as he travels the world

As children, we loved getting things in the post. There was just something so exciting about seeing your name on the front of an envelope, and ripping it open to read something specifically sent to you.

Nowadays, the never-ending bills and the plethora of junk-mail are less exhilarating, however, we can still live vicariously through the little ones in our lives who jump for joy whenever a bit of post arrives for them.

Luckily, kids these days now have the chance to receive personalised postcards from Paddington Bear — the dream!

Paddington, the much-loved children’s character, has teamed up with UNICEF Ireland to help children learn all about the lives of their peers around the world. Embarking on a journey to a new and wonderful place each month, Paddington sends back story-packed postcards (and more!) — ideal for children aged between four and 10 years.

It could be the perfect present for the little explorer in your life this Christmas. With a monthly direct debit of €21, families in Ireland can support UNICEF and as a bear-sized thank you, Paddington will send each child a personalised postcard (with more surprises) every month. 

The best part? UNICEF receives 100% of this monthly donation which goes towards supporting children around the world.

Included in every pack is a postcard from Paddington, the story of a child from that country, stickers, fact cards and an activity pack. Parents will also receive an accompanying email which will help to bring the pack to life for them and their child.

Like millions of children and families around the world, Paddington had to flee his home to build a new life. His story exemplifies kindness, tolerance and perseverance in the face of adversity, making him the perfect champion for children’s rights.

With the festive season fast approaching, UNICEF Ireland is also encouraging people in Ireland to consider choosing Paddington’s Postcards as a gift for the little ones in their lives. This unique and educational gift will assist UNICEF in supporting vulnerable children around the world and continuing their vital work.

To sign up to Paddington’s Postcards for a monthly donation of just €21 in Ireland, please visit