You can now buy a Schitt’s Creek version of the classic Monopoly

Listen up Schitt’s Creek fans! You can now buy your very own Schitt’s Creek version of the classic Monopoly game and it sounds like the perfect rainy day activity.

If you’re looking for fun things to do with friends or family during the upcoming holiday season, then there truly is no better board game to dive into than Monopoly. If you have a few Schitt’s Creek fans at home then all the better!

Taking to social media on Thursday evening, Schitt’s Creek shared the exciting news alongside a hilarious photo of our beloved Moira saying, “They would have a virtual Monopoly on this town.”

The iconic boardgame has well and truly received the Schitt’s Creek treatment, with all of the properties being re-named after famous locations featured throughout the popular Canadian series, including The Rosebud Motel, Bob’s Garage, the Blouse Barn, Rose Apothecary and more.

Credit: Schitt's Creek Instagram

Players will get to choose from six iconic playing pieces in the shape of different Schitt’s Creek tokens, including a Moira wig, Patrick’s guitar, the motel keys, a crow from Moira’s film, The Crows Have Eyes III: The Crowening, David’s sunglasses and of course Ted the turtle.

Players can also pick up ‘Hello You’ and ‘Love That For Me’ cards in lieu of Chance or Community Chest which you would usually see in the standard Monopoly game.

Credit: Schitt's Creek Instagram

Monopoly: Schitt’s Creek edition is available to buy online from and it retails for $39.99. However, non-American fans will definitely be disappointed to hear that unfortunately they only deliver to the US for now.

At the moment, there’s no word as to how and when the game will be available to buy in the UK, Ireland, or anywhere else in the world, but we’re hopeful that we won’t have too much longer to wait!