YES! 6 delicious hot chocolate recipes to warm up your weekend

The weather is cooling down, and that can only mean one thing… HOT CHOCOLATE (by the gallon please.)

Nothing is more comforting and delicious than a warm mug of hot chocolate by the fire. 

We have compiled a list of our FAVOURITE hot chocolate recipes, and some of them may change your life. 

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Gingerbread hot chocolate

Add some festive cheer to your delicious hot chocolate with a bit of ginger. #spiceupyourlife.  

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Peanut butter hot chocolate

We are big fans of peanut butter, so the idea of combining it with hot chocolate seems too good to be true! 

Nutella hot chocolate

A true crowd pleaser, who could say no to some Nutella? Check out this easy recipe

Peppermint hot chocolate

The perfect festive drink! Use a candy cane to stir this treat

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Salted caramel hot chocolate 

Pure decadence in a cup… you can thank us later. Check out the recipe here