X Factor star worried for her safety after on-street attack


Stephanie Nala has tweeted that she can no longer go shopping without a security guard after a scary incident in which a woman “went for her”.

It is thought that the woman involved in the altercation was a former classmate with whom Stephanie had trouble with as a teenager. 

The singer, who was eliminated from The X Factor in week 2 tweeted about the incident, saying: “Out shopping and one of the girls who sold a story on me saying I was a bully just went for me. Now me and my friend can’t shop without … A security guard coming with us… It’s so disgusting when you get called a bully yet your the one being bullied … Was just out helping a friend with her holiday shopping…. It’s so sad whats allowed to happen to you for being on TV a couple of times.”

It was only two months ago that the X Factor star opened up about the frightening death threats she was receiving – up to 200 with threats aimed at her family also. 

Sounds like a scary situation, hopefully authorities can resolve it soon.