Worried girlfriend has genius plan to keep girls away on lad’s holiday


An obviously worried girlfriend has come up with a way of getting all of the girls in Ibiza to back off her man while he is on a lad’s holiday – a hilarious t-shirt with a warning on it!

Abbie Bartlett created the t-shirt for boyfriend Leon Connelly which sees the words: “I love my girlfriend and I hate all the girls in Ibiza so please stay away from me” brandished across his chest.

On top of this, Abbie also included four photos of her and Leon on the t-shirt, looking very loved up and sure to scare away any potential interested ladies on the party island…!

The only question remaining is…will it work?

Thankfully, Abbie isn’t the obsessive girlfriend she pretends to be and says: “When I took the T shirt to the printing shop they must have thought I was a psycho! But Leon saw the funny side because it’s really just a joke – he and I have a similar sense of humour.”