Women with eczema and rosacea need to check out this skincare


The world doesn’t need another facial moisturiser and cleanser – physical and online shelves are overflowing with such products. Yet Dr Tey, senior dermatologist at the National Skin Centre in Singapore still saw the need to adapt his successful Suu Balm products for facial use. For anybody who suffers from sensitive, dry, itchy facial skin, whether because of eczema, rosacea, or anything else – Suu Balm’s Facial Care products are made for you.

Suu Balm™ Facial Cream is a unique, rapid itch relieving moisturiser specially formulated for sensitive or eczema prone facial skin. It has all the cooling itch relief of the original Suu Balm cream but does not sting the eyes.  In fact, it is so gentle, it can even be used on the eyelids.  The combination of ceramides and safflower extracts repair and moisturises the skin in a natural way, leaving your skin feeling and looking great, and the skin barrier restored to its healthy state. The texture is light and non-sticky and is perfect for wearing under make-up. Finally, a natural extract of the Northern Truffle mushroom (albatrellus ovinus) helps to relieve sensitivity, irritation, and redness.

Suu Balm™ Facial Wash is an ultra-gentle cleanser for sensitive skin. Many cleansers are alkaline, which damages the skin barrier – not Suu Balm – it has the ideal acidity to help restore the skin barrier. It is a rich, creamy formulation due to the Shea Butter inside, which moisturises the skin as you cleanse. What more could you want from a facial cleanser?

Suu Balm is available on their website.