Women are tweeting what they would do if men had a 9pm curfew


Obviously it would be wrong to tar an entire gender with the same brush, but sometimes people need a little reminder that women experience the world differently to men because of increased fears of being attacked, mugged or sexually harassed.  

Statistics show that men orchestrate the majority of crimes in Ireland, and one Twitter user is asking women at large what they would do if men had a 9pm curfew. 

Of course, crime would still be committed by female criminals, but the women responding had a lot to say about the freer ways they would live their lives if men we're tucked away in bed by 9pm. 

At SHEmazing HQ, we considered our own answer to this intriguing question: 

'I would put on my sexiest ensemble, get hammered, and sing all the way home. I would live my life without late-night fears looming over me.' – Shayna Sappington, SHEmazing writer

'I would go for a run with both earphones in and the music as loud as I wanted because I know I don’t have to keep an ear out for someone coming up behind me.' – Sorcha McMangian, SHEmazing writer

'I'd stop clutching my keys in my hand, pop my headphones in and listen to Fleetwood Mac on full volume because I'd finally feel safe walking down the road I've lived on for 24 years.' – Kat O'Connor, SHEmazing writer. 

'I would stop having to worry about my little sister getting spiked when she goes out. It honestly keeps me awake at night.' – Sarah Magliocco, SHEmazing writer