Why SATC 1 was so much better than SATC 2


Remember the hysteria back in 2008 when word got out that our beloved Sex and the City was hitting the big screen? After four long years without our four favourite women, we were going to be treated to a two hour extravaganza. Squeal!

Now, remember when Sex and the City 2 was released two years later? Yeah…

If you've blocked the sequel out, don't worry, here's a quick rundown on why they probably should have hung up their Manolos back in 2008.

SATC 1 featured a frantic Carrie skidding through cold, snowy streets on New Year’s Eve to the tender sounds of Auld Lang Syne.


SATC 2 featured the four New York women scrambling through Abu Dhabi streets, appearing continually aghast that local dress and customs were different to their Manhattan norm.


SATC 1 gave us a montage scene depicting some of the most divine wedding dresses we’ve ever laid eyes on. Vivienne Westwood, Dior, Vera Wang; we were in bridal heaven.

SATC 2  gave us Liza Minnelli murdering Beyonce’s Single Ladies in a pair of fishnets.


SATC 1 gave us the line "I curse the day you were born!"


SATC 2 gave us the line "Lawrence of my labia"


SATC 1 featured the fabulous Jennifer Hudson.

SATC 2 featured the unappealingly buff Australian rugby players.


Sex and the City 1 gave us four sassy, feisty women who finally got the happy endings they deserved while Sex and the City 2 gave us four moany, whiney women who needed to stop kissing their ex-boyfriends.

There, we said it!