Why I wear sunscreen everyday – even with oily skin


Let me start this off by saying, I’m a very pale person. Like, looks blue under certain kinds of light kind of pale. Turns purple in the cold kind of pale. Has never had a tan in my life kind of pale.

I have made my peace with this. Having attempted far too many times to get a tan – and failing miserably – it was time to accept that I just had to look after my skin more than some others do. Not that we all shouldn’t be wearing massive amounts of sunscreen anyway.

But once I accepted that, I started to do a little research into sun care and skin care. I have pretty oily skin, so wearing a face sunscreen has always been a bone of contention with me. It makes my face doubly shiny and if I want to wear any makeup on top of it, it ends up halfway down my face an hour later.

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So I booked a meeting with a dermatologist to address some skin problems I was having and while there I also asked her about sun care. And she completely changed my relationship with my face and its sun care routine.

She showed me under this special light all of the sun damage that was on my face and in the dermal layers below the surface. My skin is very fair, but all that means is that mine shows up more clearly on the surface than it would of someone more tanned or more sallow. But believe me, if you’re not wearing sunscreen everyday, that damage is there. And it’s scary to see. Because those are the spots that are going to age dramatically.

I would honestly recommend everyone check out the damage the UV rays are doing – you will never leave sunscreen out of your routine again. Because I have oily skin, I was apprehensive about incorporating it, but there are so many amazing brands out there now that accommodate for every skin type.

Vichy’s Capital Soleil UV Age Daily SPF50 is a product I’ve heard people raving about. This is truly a new hero for Vichy as it’s a very high broad spectrum UVA and UVB sunscreen.

More than 80% of skin ageing signs are caused by daily UV rays and pollution. Capital Soleil UV Age Daily is an advanced high protection facial SPF50+ with a water fluid texture that helps protect the skin from the damages of UV radiation and pollution whilst targeting existing signs of photo-ageing.

And what’s more, is it’s enriched with powerful dermatological-actives: Peptides, Niacinamide and Vitamin E combined with multi-patented Netlock technology, protecting the skin and helping to correct UV-induced wrinkles and dark spots, while strengthening the skin’s defense barrier function.

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Sunscreens like the Capital Soleil UV Age Daily SPF50+ are the essential final necessary step in your daily skincare routine, all year round – not just summer. The lightweight, breathable texture combined with advanced suncare technology provides uniform invisible coverage, that leaves no white cast or tacky finish, meaning it’s just as easy as wearing your moisturiser each day. It’s all about getting into the habit to save your skin form damage further on down the line.

Vichy's Capital Soleil UV Age Daily SPF50+ is available now in local pharmacies nationwide, including Meaghers & Mccabes for €22.