Why does Prince Harry hate Twitter?


Prince Harry has revealed that he used to be an avid user of Twitter but not anymore.

The 26-year-old prince was speaking at a school Q&A, where he explained the reasons behind his avoidance of the social media site.

 "I would love to get involved and go on social media and if it was for causes like this I really would. The issue for myself and my family, put quite simply, is that it's very hard for me to tweet about the Invictus Games and tweet about something that means a lot to me, whereas I at the same time really quite hate Twitter by the invasion of privacy."

The Prince sent his first tweet in May about the Invictus Games

"Hope everyone will get behind #invictusgames. Great opportunity to support and thank the men and women who have given so much. Harry."

Despite Harry believing that Twitter is an invasion of his and his family’s privacy, he still encouraged others to get involved in order to raise awareness for the charity event.

"The more noise and the more enthusiasm you guys can get behind the Invictus Games, get your friends involved, buy some tickets, come down and scream and shout – I promise you, you will not regret it, it will be the most amazing weekend of your lives,"