Why did this student decide to post this no make-up selfie?


While the #nomakeupselfie trend has been a great success, raising up to €2,000,000 for Irish Cancer Society. One woman decided to post her own no make-up selfie for a different reason.

Jeanne Marie Ryan from Oxford in England decided to post her own bare faced selfie to highlight what a woman’s face looked like after it had been punched seven times.

The English student was attacked over the weekend, when she told a man that it was unacceptable to sexually assault women after she was groped on the dancefloor.

“I think he had not been expecting someone to say anything to him. I fell over after the first three or four [punches] but got back up and I think it enraged him further that I hadn’t been knocked out.I don’t regret saying what I said. I don’t regret standing up for myself or anyone who’s ever been groped like that.”

Jeanne has raised up to €15,000 for the Oxford Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre so far.