Why Cruel Intentions was a teen classic


Cruel Intentions, released in 1999, was one of our go-to movies for a night in with the girls. The film, based on a French novel, gave us an insight into the complex lives of New York's wealthy teens and frankly, left us reeling.

The biggest scandal to hit our school was the Great Egging of 2001 so when we saw what Sebastian, Kathryn and the crew were capable of at Manchester Prep, we were glued to our seats. Sex, deceit and love; YES!

The escalator scene
"I’m impressed."
"Well, I’m in love."


The ‘are you OK? scene
Teenage girl's hearts across the world skipped a beat when Sebastian asked Annette if she was OK . Will our deflowering be as beautiful and tender, we wondered. Yes, we said 'deflowering'. We got caught up in the romance, OK?

The secret society scene
We were certain we had even just a little bit of Kathryn's enigmatic aura, but this scene really drove home the fact we were, and always would be, Cecile.

The kiss scene
The shock factor, the sound…and the spit trail. THE STEAMINESS!

The dramatic ending
The Verve's Bitter Sweet Symphony playing over the final scene made this film one we can watch again and again.


In fact, stop everything. Let's do it. Pass the popcorn.