Why Claire Underwood’s wardrobe in HOC had to be badass

Claire Underwood dominated the newest season of House of Cards, finally becoming the boss bitch she was always meant to be.

The first female president – something that has become less and less far fetched as of recent years. And most likely, will happen during our lifetime.

But how do you dress someone for a role that hasn’t happened yet?

This is why Claire’s wardrobe was a vital part of her powerful character. She needed clothes that would tell those around her that she will not be seen as anything less than number one – commander-in-chief of the U.S.

And her designer Kemal Harris devoted her time to creating just that – an outfit that would intimidate and gain respect before Claire even began to speak.

Each one-of-a kind ensemble we see Madame President in throughout season six was crafted specifically for Robin Wright (Claire) using a mannequin made to her exact measurements.

Prevalent colours include Presidential blue, army green, jet black and business grey, all of which exude authority.

Most of her suits are this navy blue colour, comprised of a fitted-top and pencil skirt, and have a distinct collar. And what you’ll also notice is that each outfit has french sleeves, so she can wear her unique, presidential cufflinks.

These cufflinks have been a tradition for each man that has sat in the oval office over the years, so it is only fitting Claire gets her power piece as well.

Double-breasted buttons, a slim, masculine belt, and defined shoulders also detail her various pantsuits throughout the show. Because of these added details, articles have called her wardrobe “villainess”, “military-like”, and “utilitarian”.

In an interview, her designer agreed that her pantsuits portrayed this dictator vibe and did so on purpose.

“Claire is in battle this final season,” Kemal explained. She is under massive amounts of pressure, fighting against her former husband’s legacy and his former political ties as well.

When the Vice President approaches her in the evening, even her pajamas carry on this vibe. The navy silk pjs are designed with clean lines and a buttoned up collar underneath.

She is always prepared for whatever comes her way and she needs to be as such a controversial figure.

My favourite suit by far is the one she wears in episode four (spoiler alert!) to Cathy’s funeral. It is all black with a thin red line that crosses her body like a military sash, secured by a single button on her shoulder.

This is the first time we see her working behind the scenes, undermining the ‘trusted council’ she has around her by securing a deal with Petrov. It is her first big power play and fittingly takes place at the funeral of the murder she arranged.

She is shown as a threatening and dangerous military commander using brilliant tactics to reserve her position of power.

You’ll also notice that Claire is not seen carrying a handbag once throughout the season. Her designer said this small detail was necessary to solidify her authority (she has those of lower positions to carry her stuff now). It also equivocates her to her male predecessors as does the other aspects of her wardrobe.

These suits emanate prestige strength in their untouchable and sharp look. She is no longer nurturer to her male counterpart and former husband but the supreme leader of the nation, always ready to command as chief.

And she does so in her iconic black patent Christian Louboutin heels. Because even though her suits strip her to simply an authority figure, her heels remind her enemies that her feminine power is stronger than anything they have ever dealt with before.

In fact, by the way she is leading the country one could make the case that she is a better president than Frank ever could have been. She does not possess his fatal flaw – 'male ego' (as Claire calls it).

The president uses every single female stereotype to her advantage, showing the world that the being the best leader is all about tact and strategy, regardless of what gender you are.

And all of these skills are perfectly portrayed by her badass wardrobe.