Who wants the skinny on Shellac treatments?


Some of us have been Shellac converts for years, while others have yet to dip their fingers in this unknown world of nail care.

Whether you prefer to go au naturel with your nails or you’re a dab hand at a DIY manicure, there’s a lot to be said for availing of a Shellac treatment from time to time. (Or more often, if you become totally addicted to this ‘manicure miracle’.)

The treatments tend to be relatively inexpensive, the majority of salons offer free removal and there’s no denying that longevity plays a massive role in Shellac’s popularity!

But what exactly is Shellac, why is it often referred to as a ‘manicure miracle’ and what should you expect from a treatment?

Here are some questions you may have pondered if you’ve yet to treat yourself to this revolutionary salon treatment.

1. How is Shellac polish different from normal nail polish?

Normal nail polish tends to chip right? Well, Shellac polish is a whole lot thicker than your standard varnishes; a treatment requires three coats and each coat is then ‘set’ under a UV light which makes it virtually chip-proof!

2. How long does it last?

It is recommended that you have your Shellac removed after approximately two to three weeks because this is when natural nail growth will become visible.

After this point there will be a stark contrast between your natural nail colour and your chosen Shellac shade, and yes that’s the case even if you opt for a French polish!

Some lucky girls, however, can get up to a month out of a Shellac treatment before their own nail begins appearing!

3. What is the upkeep like?

Many therapists advise their clients to use cuticle oil on their nails twice a day while rocking their Shellac as this will nourish the nail beneath the treatment.

A small price to pay to ensure we’re looking after our own nails beneath the polish, right?

4. Does Shellac have an artificial look?

Shellac doesn’t lengthen or thicken your nails in any way, so your nails will look as natural as they normally do when you apply polish, but will last a whole lot longer!

5. What are the downsides of the treatment?

Shellac is not without its cons, but if you’re aware of these issues, they are very easy to avoid.

Shellac can damage your nails if you don’t have it removed professionally, something which is normally included in the cost of the initial treatment.

Picking and peeling at your Shellac treatment will have a detrimental effect on your nails, leaving them broken and very brittle, so be sure to take advantage of the salon removal!

The verdict

Shellac is a wonderful treatment to have because you get serious bang for your buck, manicured nails do wonders for your overall look and there’s something seriously indulgent about having someone tend to your hands and nails, right?

Beware though, you will spend more time than your boss might appreciate staring dreamily at those fab nails of yours, so maybe you should opt for your first treatment over the Christmas holidays!