Which star posted this to prove she hadn’t gained weight?


Kelly Osbourne has hit back at body critics today, after reports came out during the week that she had gained weight after her spilt with fiancé, Mathew Mosshart.

Kelly tweeted her annoyance at reports saying: “When did I all of a sudden gain 20lbs? I just asked my ass and she can’t seem to remember either! #MustBeASlowNewsWeek!”

However, some fans became confused by her tweets and believed in fact that Kelly had gained weight.

They began tweeting the E! presenter messages telling her not to give up on her weight loss regime.

But Kelly was defiant and insisted that she had put on any weight in the last few months.

“That was meant to be a joke people. I have not gained 20lbs!”

Kelly then went onto to tweet a photo of her toned stomach on Instagram.