What’s causing that awful migraine?

Anyone can suffer from a migraine, at any age. If you’ve been forced into spending hours in a darkened room, you’ll know how awful they are – but do you know what’s causing them? Here are seven causes of migraines, that perhaps you didn’t know about before:

A change in routine
Doing something as simple as changing your sleep routine, can cause migraine for some people. Even something nice like going on holiday can trigger an attack. This is why some people find that they may only suffer migraines at the weekend. How unfair.

It’s a well known fact that stress can cause migraines, and sometimes the pain only starts when the stress is easing off. If you needed a reason to sit back and relax, then this is it.

Either too much or too little sleep can cause headaches. You need to get it just right, just like Goldilocks.

If you drink more than four or five cups of tea a day, this could be causing your migraine. Try cutting back, rather than cutting it out completely, as the sudden shock to your system could also trigger a migraine.

Many women may find that their migraines start at puberty, and raise their ugly heads at that time of the month. Damn those hormones, they never give us a break, do they?

Sudden, vigorous exercise
If you don’t usually exercise and then suddenly run a marathon, this can trigger a migraine.