What you NEEED to do in Thailand this summer


Thailand is an extremely popular place for Irish 20-somethings to let loose and go crazy! Apart from the plane tickets, obviously, it makes for a pretty cheap long holiday.

It is famed for its Full Moon parties, elephant riding and tubing but there is so much more that the country has to offer that you would be mad not to pop these on your itinerary.

Night market
Take a night off from the partying scene and spend the evening wandering around the night markets. You pick up some pretty awesome clothes and taste foods you would never have tasted before.

Get a tuk-tuk
You have probably heard of these as a means of transport in Thailand. While they may have a cute sounding name, they are far from cute reaching up to 60mph… eek! An experience you can’t miss.

Long tail boat
Apart from the fact that the long tail boat taxis are the best way to get to some of Thailand’s most secluded beaches, they are pretty spectacular.

Get a massage
A Thai massage is a must when you are visiting the country. They are extremely cheap so why not treat yourself to one every day!