What to do if you have… oily or blemish-prone skin


Ladies with oily skin will know what a nightmare it can be.

You shy away from the camera on nights out just in case your powder has failed you and your make-up just never seems to last like you know it should.

So how can you deal with oily skin? Here are some tips you may find helpful when it comes to dealing with the shine monster.

  • Cleansing is essential

In order to stay blemish-free and to stop a build up of oil from wreaking havoc with your skin, it’s important to cleanse at LEAST twice a day.

Always look for an oil-free foam/gel based cleanser that will keep your skin clear but still be gentle enough to use more than once a day.

  • Don’t skip the toner

It can be easy to think of toner as an optional step in your skincare routine – but once you do use it, you won’t go back. For best results, use a toner that is specialised for oily skin such as La Roche-Posay’s SEROZINC.

This mattifying facial mist has been specially formulated to give your skin a non-shiny appearance as well as tightening pores. SEROZINC has been something of a must-have with Irish beauty gurus but has not been available on our shores – until now. 

From April 1st, the misting toner, specialised for oily and blemish-prone skin will be available in pharmacies nationwide for only €10.

  • Should you moisturise oily skin?

Many people believe that putting moisturiser on oily skin will only make things worse – but not so. Your skin needs hydration and moisture, especially with all of the elements we are subjected to every day; from the cold weather to the office air con it’s important to treat our skin right.

While heavy moisturisers may leave oily skin feeling clogged and heavy, finding a light-weight, water-based and most importantly non-oily moisturiser, your skin can get what it needs without risking outbreaks.