What NOT to do in the hair salon!


Ever wanted to know what stylists really think when we rock up to the salon demanding to look like Jennifer Lawrence or when we leave without tipping? Well, wonder no more.

We were lucky enough to grab a chat with a stylist with eight years experience in the industry (who shall remain anonymous!) and she was more than willing to spill the beans on the dos and don'ts in the world of professional hair care. Girls, your future trips to the salon will be stress-free!

Don’t keep schtum.
Our stylist stresses how important it is to communicate saying: “It's all about the consultation at the start. It's vital that you’re both on the same page and it’s the stylist’s responsibility to check in with their client along the way to make sure they’re happy.”

Will you hate us if we tell you that you’ve made us look like Bruce Jenner?
“No, I'd much rather the client tell me if they’re not happy! I think it's so important that you’re both on the same page. It's all about gaining trust so that they'll come back to you. I personally don't get offended if a client isn’t happy; it's all personal opinions so it wouldn’t bother me at any stage during it if they said something. That’s better than waiting until the end when there’s less chance of changing it!”

Don’t hide your preference.
Don’t arrive into a salon not knowing whether you want to leave with a sleek bob or a head full of extensions. This is apparently more common that you’d think! The stylist can’t decide FOR you, but she can guide you if you have a vague idea at the least!

“I find it quite difficult when clients say "Do whatever you think!” The way I see it, the client is the one who has to wear it, not me. I can advise them of course, but I prefer when they have SOME idea what’re looking for!”

Don’t assume you can’t be guided.
Our stylist recommends you hash out some ideas with your hairdresser first. It’s not a competition between you to see who wins, it’s merely a case of merging YOUR ideas with THEIR expert knowledge and experience.

But, as we all know, the customer is always right and our stylist admits: “I’ve never refused to do something for a client but I’ve definitely advised other options instead, however if a client is adamant then it's my job to give them what they want (reluctantly of course).”

Don't panic about tipping.
Let’s talk money; how much should we tip?
“It is totally up to the client obviously! But I think it also depends on what I’ve done, so say for example, I’ve spent two or three hours with a client for a cut and colour then I'm more likely to expect a tip than if I’d just done a twenty minute blow dry!

What kind of money are we talking here?
“Maybe around €5 for a bigger service and a couple of euro for a cut and blow dry. Stylists should not expect any more than that and you shouldn’t worry about it!” Ok, good to know!

Do you hate us if we don’t tip?
“Sometimes I get a little offended when I’ve put so much effort in and I know that the client loves it and couldn't be happier and then they don’t give me a cent.”

Ok girls, you heard the woman. If you’re leaving the salon grinning from ear to ear, then your purse should be feeling a LITTLE lighter!

Don’t forget the stylist has feelings too!
Every girl is protective over their hair and one bad cut can leave us rattled for weeks, but don’t automatically blacklist the salon. Our lovely stylist fills us in on the emotional ups and downs of not meeting a client’s expectations.

“Personally I’ve been very lucky that I haven’t had many issues, but the worst was in my first year of styling and I had a blonde lady that was looking to tone it down a bit. The end result was darker than she thought and she started crying. It was awful! I felt so bad, but at the same time we HAD gone through everything and she got exactly what she had asked for. Still, an experience like that can be just as crushing for the stylist.”

So what have we learned here, ladies? It’s ALL about communication. If you establish a relationship with your stylist based on good, honest communication, you’ll be rocking a bangin’ barnet for years to come.