What is going on? Cryptic Niall tweet leaves a lot of questions!


It’s no secret that Niall Horan has always been close with his family – and in particular his brother, Greg. 

Niall can often be seen sharing photos of his baby nephew, Theo, who actually has thousands of his very own Twitter followers…

Now it seems things have taken a strange turn as a tweet from Greg’s account yesterday read: “I wonder when Niall is calling to see theo I do wonder” leading people to speculate that the family feel Niall does not see them as much as he should. 

Many fans hit back with anger, with one fan page blasting: “It’s not difficult to call your BROTHER instead of tweeting about it, you’re making a fool of yourself!”

The day previous, a tweet from Greg’s account also read rather cryptically: “Sick of being hurt by loved one really am.”

The tweets were later deleted as Greg took to Twitter to say that his account had been hacked: “Guys I’m sorry but iv been Hacked who ever it is please stop it now.”

Niall has not commented on any of the events that have unfolded – we’re not so sure he will!