What does Christina Hendricks’ husband want credit for?


Christina Hendricks has become famous across the world for her sexy role, as Joan Harris on Mad Men.

But the actress has revealed her husband, Geoffrey Arend knew his wife would be loved for her gorgeous figure, before anyone else did.

“Ha! Whenever we see something about it, he always says, ’I told you from the beginning. I’m the one who called it first.’ So he just wants a little credit. Really, he’s sweet and he’s happy for me.”

Christina has been married to Geoffrey for five years, but revealed that couple aren’t really interested in starting a family.

“We got a puppy, and that’s my idea of starting a family. People say, ‘Oh, that’s practice for parenting,’ but if it’s practice for anything it’s to be a mom to another puppy. We’ve decided that we are not really interested in having children… It’s just very normal for people to say, ‘Well, when you guys have kids…’”

Even though, Christina admitted she is happy with the way things are, she says there is always a small chance she might change her mind when it comes to kids.