What are the odds! An Irish couple won the Lotto TWICE in 3 days


One exceptionally lucky couple from County Meath are over €100,000 richer, after the pair had two separate Lottery wins in three days.

The pair, who are great-grandparents, won €10,000 on a Telly Bingo ticket, before winning a further €92,652  on Saturday’s main Lotto draw.

The couple put their amazing luck down to their son, who is deceased, as they believe he was looking down on them whn they purchased the Telly Bingo ticket on the day of his anniversary.

'We really believe he was up there looking after us,' they said at the National Lottery’s headquarters.

'It is such a coincidence that our wins came at this time.'

'On the day of Telly Bingo I had gone to my son’s grave to clean it up and say a prayer,' they told the Journal.

What are the odds?