What air travel really looks like


Have you ever wondered just how many aeroplanes are in the sky at any one time? Or just how many flights are taken in one day? If you are a fan of air travel, this video is for you.

The National Air Traffic Services created a stunning video that shows every aeroplane that flew over the North Atlantic in 24 hours and the results are pretty striking.

Just how they manage to not only keep track of the flights but also to ensure there isn’t any chaos in the skies, simply blows our mind!

There is an actual reason behind the video, Paul Beauchamp, NATS spokesman explains: “Airspace is an incredibly valuable asset – just as important as the rail, road and utility networks that everyone relies on every day.”

“However, most people aren’t aware of the work that goes into managing and safely guiding aircraft through our skies. That’s why we created this visualisation to highlight the complexity of that work, the skill of our air traffic controllers and the UK’s strategic importance as the aviation gateway to Europe and North America.”

Well done guys it’s pretty awesome!